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Founded in 2008 by Dennis Aninkora, CEGREENS Seasonings' goal has always been toward eliminating the guesswork in seasoning food. Our niche is to make your meals healthier and tastier. With CEGREENS Seasoning, enjoying fresh and healthy food is now a reality. We have combined a variety of natural products that will make your cooking experience fun and effortless, with an authentic taste.



Generations have passed since our great grandparents introduced this “hidden treasure in the pot”. Adding a “secret” ingredient by each generation was the key to perfecting this seasoning. Now it is out and deserves its intended place in every home. Perfection for every dish prepared. Please share responsibly.


Our products are made with fresh ingredients only. Since the ingredients used are all natural, the seasoning is low in carbs and cholesterol free. Just add our seasoning to your cooking and eliminate "the guess work". We are here to introduce to you the natural and exotic taste of healthy seasoning. CEGREENS seasoning offers the highest quality and value in its authentic seasoning.


Publicity and Awards

Flavor of Georgia 2012