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What is the shelf life of your product?

The average shelf life is about 1 year, however we recommend that any damaged products should be discarded.

How can I get my local grocery store to carry your product?

If you cannot find our product in your local grocery store please bring this to the attention of the manager. We are striving to reach most grocery stores.

Where can I buy CEGREENS Seasoning Products?

CEGREENS Seasonings will shortly be available in Supermarkets, Natural foodstores and select Wholesale Clubs across the Midatlantic, Southeast, South east, North East, Midwest and South west regions.

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What varieties are available in the range?

Currently there is only CEGREENS Seasoning available in the market. However we will be introducing more products in the near future. The current product is in 6oz and gallons for food service.

How do you use it?

Ready meal enhancement: Personalize that ready meal with a spoonful of CEGREENS Seasoning hot/mild to give your meals an extra lift. i.e Give your ready made pasta sauce a lift with CEGREENS Seasoning!

Can I add other spices?

CEGREENS seasoning work exceptionally well together especially if you are looking for slight chili enhancement of you meal.

How much should I use?

Usually one tablespoonful is sufficient. As flavors are different for every individual, you may try experimenting to see what suits you.

What are the best applications for each product?

We have included sample foods prepared with our CEGREENS Seasoning, in the Food Sample section of this website. This is a starting point for you. Most people love creating their own recipes and simples meal ideas with CEGREENS Seasoning!

Once open does it affect the best before date?

No, as long as the the lid is replaced and the instructions on the bottle are followed.